Tokyo Liu
3D Asset Creator - Software Developer

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About Us

This asset store profile is owned by an engineering couple with years of experience in both software development and 3D modelling. Now, it is time to develop assets for other people to use.

3D models have a tendency to look very smooth, clean, and perfect. As such, we specialize in Unity assets that give a certain real feel or show a degree of wear and tear that will add a realistic touch to your scenes.

We will also develop C# scripts and tutorials. Some of our assets will of course be free. With the rise of VR systems, highly detailed models with high resolution textures are increasingly important.

Unity allows for the developers to set the maximum texture size themselves,
meaning that our models are also well-suited for mobile and entry-level hardware. More advanced models will also come with one or more LOD groups for this purpose.

Please be patient, as this web-page is still very much WIP.


Coming soon! This sections will feature tutorials for C#, 3D modelling, HoloLens development and photogrammetry − among others.